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Organising Solutions offers project administration, client surveys, web based research and event management for consultancies and small businesses.

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Organising Solutions works with consultancies and small businesses on a project by project basis. With a proven track record on over 50 research projects, consultations and evaluations we can contribute to the success and smooth running of your projects through project administration, event management and client surveys.

Project Support


Use us as a flexible, temporary member of your team to provide inspired admin support, carry out interviews, web-based research and small group facilitation.

Event Management


Free yourself up by commissioning us to co-ordinate your events: workshops, conferences, celebrations and consultations.

Client Surveys


Find out what your clients think about your work and use the positive feedback to attract new clients.

We make your life easier by:

  • working with minimum supervision once we have been briefed, thereby saving you time and energy.
  • using our excellent communication and interpersonal skills to persuade people to take part and get involved
  • being flexible. We know that projects don’t always start on time or the brief changes at a moment’s notice.
  • by foreseeing problems before they become an issue and suggesting ways through them.
  • working remotely and not taking up resources by working on your site.
  • taking the initiative when necessary and not needing constant hand holding.